Our Mates are here to help you transport your large items.

What do we offer?



If you want to move an entire apartment, house, or room.


If you want to transport your items between the storage facility and the address of your choice.

Just Mates

If you already have the transportation vehicle and just need help carrying large items.

Long distance

If you want to move from Quebec to Ontario, or vice versa.


For the businesses that want to change offices or need furniture delivered.

Need to move?

Item deliveries

Stores and second-hand stores

If you need a large item delivery service from the store of your choice.

Friends and Family

If you need to transport any large items between two households.


If you order large items from IKEA, Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace or any online marketplace of your choice.

Got something to relocate?

Our unique service add-ons

Assembly/Disassembly of furniture

Our Mates are also handymen; they assemble or disassemble your furniture.

Moving boxes

Do you need sturdy boxes for your move? Contact us via our chat box to get yours.

Packing boxes

Our Mates can pack your belongings to safely transport them.

Ride with your pet

Your best friend with fur (or without) is welcome in the Mate's truck.

Ride along with your Mate

You can ride in our Mate's truck between the pick-up address and drop-off address.

We transport hundreds
of different items


Pay exactly what you confirmed at the time of your reservation. No last-minute fees or transit fees.


Choose the day and time of your convenience; our Mates are available when you need them.


Book our services in just a few minutes through our intuitive platform.


Our Mates are trained and qualified to safely transport your belongings.

Have more questions?

What do you charge?

The price of your booking is based on the number of items that need to be moved, the distance (floors), and the number of mates. After you specify this information on our intuitive booking platform, it will calculate the duration of the move and then provide you with a personalized quote for the service.

What if my items are damaged during a move?

If any item is damaged during the time frame of a move, please ensure that you have taken a picture of it. You have 48 hours after the move to report the damage to us if no solution is found with the Mate. If the damage is proven to have occurred during the move, we will work with you and our Mate to address the issue. Our Mates are professional movers who are hired by MoveMate and are trained in the best and safest methods to move your items safely. Unfortunately, accidents do happen sometimes.

Do you also assemble and disassemble furniture?

Yes, MoveMate provides these services too. This feature will be integrated into the platform soon, but if you want this service now, please add it in the comments. If you want to know the pricing, please chat with us and we will provide a quote tailored to your needs.

Do I have to pay a deposit to MoveMate?

We charge 20% of the total amount for the move 24 hours after you have booked the move or delivery with MoveMate. The other 80% is charged 48 hours before the move is scheduled. If there are additional charges, they will be charged after the move has been completed.