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Covid-19 Policy
We at MoveMate are aware of the concern surrounding the spread of Covid-19 and are doing our part to ensure we don’t contribute to it. Our Mates can be seen with their MoveMate face masks, gloves, and are required to respect social distancing rules. For cases where a vaccine passport is necessary, it is your responsibility to inform us as soon as possible. 

Insurance Policy
MoveMate does not offer an insurance policy for moves. In many cases, regular homeowners insurance would cover any damages caused during a move, but unfortunately we have no way to confirm on your behalf if your specific insurance package covers that.

Cancellation Policy
Any cancellations made 24 hours after the time of booking will result in a loss of the 20% deposit. For any cancellations made 48 hours or less before the date/time of the booking, the remaining 80% will be charged; resulting in full payment. 

Manual Booking Policy
MoveMate fully operates online and does not have any one member dedicated to manual bookings, as such any manual booking requests have an additional $30 fee. Any and all exceptions are up to the discretion of MoveMate and MoveMate alone. 

Last Minute Booking Policy
Last minute bookings include all bookings made 24 hours prior to the selected date and time. All last minute bookings will automatically have a surcharge that will be included in the booking estimate. No exceptions will be made.

Undisclosed Items Policy
Considering your specific items are a major factor in the estimated price, there will be additional charges for all undisclosed items. In cases where there is also a significant time delay caused, it is up to the discretion of MoveMate to charge on a per item basis or per hour.

Removal of Items Policy
We at MoveMate are completely understanding of situations where the removal of items from one’s booking is necessary! We ask that you let us know which items will be removed at least 48 hours prior to your booking so that we can make the necessary price adjustments if applicable. All items removed less than 48 hours before the scheduled booking date/time or on the day of, will not be removed from the estimated price/no adjustments will be made.

Change in Accessibility Policy
The accessibility to both the pick up and the drop off addresses is a factor used in the calculation of your estimated price, therefore, a change in accessibility will result in a change of price relative to the actual changes. Any and all exceptions are up to the discretion of MoveMate and MoveMate alone. In cases where the accessibility is changed and made simpler/easier for our Mates, if applicable, a price decrease may be implemented as long as we are made aware a minimum of 48 hours prior to your booking and no team has been assigned yet.

Change of Date/Time Policy
MoveMate is happy to accommodate you by fulfilling a change in your booking date/time when it is possible for us to do so. However, if the initial 24 hours since you placed your booking has passed and a team has already been assigned then there is an additional charge equivalent to 20% of your booking fee.

Additional Mate Request Policy
When availability allows, MoveMate can provide an additional Mate at the customer’s request. There is an additional cost of $50/hour for the additional Mate.

Overtime Policy
In cases where original booking time is exceeded, an overtime fee subject to MoveMate’s discretion will be applied to the final total. This occurs in any situation that does not hold our Mates at fault. 

Elevator Policy
It is not the responsibility of MoveMate to reserve elevators as this must be done by a tenant. Failure to do so can result in time delays or the use of stairs. In both cases, there will be an additional fee that is either related to overtime or additional labour due to the stairs. In cases where our Mates are unable to complete the move due to time constraints or otherwise, full payment is required. Any and all exceptions are up to the discretion of MoveMate and MoveMate alone. 

Damages Policy
Customers have 48 hours after their booking has been completed to report any damages that resulted from the move to launch an investigation. If damages are found to be due to mate negligence, MoveMate will provide the most realistic means of compensation/accommodation. Final decisions are made based on the discretion of MoveMate and MoveMate alone. No investigation will be launched for any damages reported after 48 hours. 

Extreme Weather Policy
In cases of inclement weather, bookings will be rescheduled at no extra cost. These cases include: fresh snowfall (equal to or greater than 20cm), icy rain, black ice due to very low temperatures, or temperatures below -25℃. Ultimately, however, it is up to the discretion of MoveMate and MoveMate only to determine if bookings require rescheduling. 

Bug Infestation Policy
MoveMate has a strict no bug infestation policy. This means that any failure to disclose this information to us prior to a booking will result in a charge of 100% of the original booking estimate prior to the use of the promo code. No exceptions. The required amount of payment due to a booking cancellation regarding a bug infestation prior to the booking date/time is entirely up to the discretion of MoveMate and MoveMate alone.
Assembly/Disassembly Policy
Our Mates are happy to help you disassemble or assemble items as long as you have informed us that you require that service prior to your booking. Currently, our Mates can offer this service for the following: tables, bed frames (king, queen, twin, and single), desks, fridge doors, couches, and doors in general. To inquire about specific pricing we invite you to chat with us today! In cases where no information has been disclosed regarding assembly/disassembly prior to our Mate’s arrival to the pick-up location, our Mates have the right to refuse the completion of this service if they are unable to accommodate for time.

Packing Policy
MoveMate does offer packing services as its own stand alone service, but also as an add-on to a booking. We charge for this service based on the number of boxes our Mates pack vs. the amount of time it takes to complete the packing. In cases where you will be supplying the boxes, instead of purchasing through us, you will also be responsible for providing all other packing necessities such as tape, filling, etc. We invite you to chat in today for more details!

Ride Along Policy
Do you need to meet our Mates at the drop-off, but don’t have a car? For that reason, and many more, MoveMate offers a ‘ride along’ option to our Customers for an additional cost of only $15, as long as the booking is only for 1 Mate. For Covid-19 related purposes, we do ask you to keep in mind that there will be no  barrier/pexi-glass located between you and our Mate inside the truck. 

Pet Ride Along Policy
MoveMate will happily help you move your belongings and bring your pet along for the trip. The additional pricing is dependent on your pet; we invite you to chat in for more details! For bookings, this add-on has yet to be integrated into our booking platform and so we kindly ask that you indicate under the booking notes that you require this service! MoveMate does reserve the right to refuse the service to any pet that they deem to be a danger/unsafe for our Mates. 

Item Add-on Policy
All items added to a booking will be charged at the regular rate, unless they are added within 48 hours of your reservation. In this case, you will be charged at a multiple of 1.25 of our regular rates. All exceptions will be at the discretion of MoveMate and MoveMate alone.