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Our vision

Join our team and be part of:

Connecting our customers (B2C and B2B) with our Mates to transport their large items thanks to our intuitive booking platform

Expanding MoveMate to new Canadian regions in 2022

Innovating our processes to become more eco-responsible and have a positive impact in our environment

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We are looking for enthusiastic and motivated people to join our team and help us create and rethink the future of the large item transportation industry.

Current Openings

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Our job openings require 360 degrees profiles.

Growing in a startup means being able to adapt according to the business' needs.

Development team/IT
Sales and strategy

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What Drives Us


Passion for innovation and problem-solving to continuously improve our products and services.


We believe in transparency with all our stakeholders, right from being completely transparent with our quotes upto having an open door policy at our workplace.


Having a variety of perspectives and representation of diverse backgrounds, cultures, and races at the executive, managerial, consultant, and analyst levels.

Commitment to Clients

Trusting our partners and clients and aiming to go above and beyond to meet their needs no matter what.

Personal Development

Devotion and encouragement to the individual advancement of all our employees and their professional goals.