About Us

Learn how MoveMate is revolutionizing the moving and large-item delivery industry in North America.

Who We Are

MoveMate is a North American-based start up that matches supply and demand in the moving and delivery industry through an asset-light, proprietary tech solution.  As technology continues to bring us closer together, there is still no modern solution in Canada to deliver our most precious items to use in an easy, trustworthy, and seamless manner. There simply has to be a better way… which is why MoveMate is building the most advanced moving and delivery ecosystem to answer this need.


How It Works

We offer a comprehensive, connected, and tech-driven solution developed specifically for this industry. We look at a customer holistically, seeking to understand their needs from end-to-end and providing solutions for delivery, storage, and moving. At the same time, we bring value to the entire customer experience by providing our partners with modern and reliable solutions through our integrated ecosystem.

How It All Started

When our founder Lucas Francioli was a student at McGill University, he constantly heard stories of moves gone wrong. Last-minute extra charges and movers arriving hours late (or not at all) were just some of the terrifying complaints students had. Without really thinking about what to do next, he decided to rent a truck to help those who needed it to move. In less than 10 days, he generated over $12,000! Lucas had identified a fundamental problem and a real need by the customers.

Shortly after, Lucas embarked on his journey to revolutionize the moving and delivery industries. During an Uber ride, he met Will, a retired professional speed skater who is now MoveMate's COO. After lengthy discussions about the current weaknesses of traditional moving companies, they decided to create MoveMate, a stress-free moving and delivery solution. Since then, MoveMate has continued to innovate to offer its customers and partners the best services.


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business partners do you work with?

MoveMate works with a diverse array of partners across various industries, such as furniture stores, large-scale retailers for B2B partnerships, as well as real estate companies, proptech firms, and storage units for B2B2C partnerships.

Why is MoveMate different?

We are different because we are an asset light, proprietary tech solution that matches supply and demand to create value throughout the large item delivery and moving ecosystem. We offer a comprehensive, connected, and tech-driven solution developed specifically to match the supply and demand requirements. MoveMate is creating a truly modern solution to deliver customers’ most precious items in an integrated, trustworthy, and proficient way.

Why should I partner with MoveMate?

As e-commerce drives greater demand for furniture and, large item orders and storage, MoveMate is building the most advanced moving and delivery ecosystem to answer this growing need.Our solutions have been created with our partners in mind to match the supply and demand requirements, increase access to clients, and grow revenue. Today, there is no other moving solution that allows prop-tech and real estate companies to monetize leads and users.

What cities are you operating in?

MoveMate currently operates in 6+ major cities across Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Quebec City, and Edmonton.

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