Partners and Integrations

Offer your customers or users a 10% discount on their move thanks to our partnership and we’ll give you 10% of their booking value when the move is completed.

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More for your users and more for you

Generate more revenue per tenant during turnover

By leveraging additional revenue streams during turnover periods, property owners can optimize their profitability and offset costs associated with vacancy, maintenance, and preparation for new tenants.

Earn passive income

Start earning passive income effortlessly by partnering with MoveMate. Get a cut whenever your users or tenants move, making the most of every opportunity.

Improve your user/tenant experience

Book moves in under 3 minutes from anywhere. Whether integrated into your platform or through engaging email campaigns, we enhance user/tenant satisfaction with seamless solutions.


Ways To Partner

  • Convenient for user

  • Automated process

API Integrations

API integrations enable users to seamlessly book a move directly through your website using MoveMate's platform. Partnering with MoveMate, Building Stack has integrated our booking platform into their system, empowering users to effortlessly obtain quotes and streamline their moving process.

  • Broader reach

  • SEO-friendly

  • Low effort for you

Digital Marketing

Elevate your marketing efforts by teaming up with MoveMate through our digital marketing partnership. Through targeted email campaigns, social media promotions, and other digital marketing channels, we'll engage and nurture your leads.

  • Quick start

  • Simple process

  • Low effort for you

Lead Sharing

Partner with MoveMate through our lead sharing program, where companies entrust us with their valuable leads. When your users express interest in MoveMate's services, simply provide us with their information, and we'll take care of the rest. Our dedicated team will reach out.

  • Interactive

  • Low effort for you

Traditional Marketing

MoveMate offers a range of in-building collateral, such as eye-catching posters and informative flyers, designed to captivate your audience and drive engagement. Traditional marketing methods remain a powerful tool, especially for targeting users who prefer classic advertising approaches or for properties where your users and leads frequently visit.

About MoveMate

MoveMate’s vision is to help anyone move their belongings anywhere, whether it’s across town or across the world.








Get Started

  • Analyze

    Do a deep dive with leaders of our Partnership and Operation teams to understand your options and how we integrate with your current operations.

  • Test

    Test & Finalize the logistics plan that works best with for your business and make sure it is aligned with your goals

  • Rollout

    Start earning immediately when you users move!


Help Centre

What type of business partners do you work with?
MoveMate works with a diverse array of partners across various industries, such as furniture stores, large-scale retailers for B2B partnerships, as well as real estate companies, proptech firms, and storage units for B2B2C partnerships.
Why should I partner with MoveMate?
As e-commerce drives greater demand for furniture and, large item orders and storage, MoveMate is building the most advanced moving and delivery ecosystem to answer this growing need.Our solutions have been created with our partners in mind to match the supply and demand requirements, increase access to clients, and grow revenue. Today, there is no other moving solution that allows prop-tech and real estate companies to monetize leads and users.
Why is MoveMate different?
We are different because we are an asset light, proprietary tech solution that matches supply and demand to create value throughout the large item delivery and moving ecosystem. We offer a comprehensive, connected, and tech-driven solution developed specifically to match the supply and demand requirements. MoveMate is creating a truly modern solution to deliver customers’ most precious items in an integrated, trustworthy, and proficient way.
What are your current guidelines and terms?
We highly recommend you take an additional moment to go over our company policies. For our complete list of company policies regarding bookings, please click here:
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