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Save on everything from packing supplies and storage solutions to cleaning services and more.

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Unlike traditional moving companies, you’ll see exactly how much your move will cost from start to finish. No hidden fees, no surprises..

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At MoveMate, transparency is our policy. The price displayed is the final price you'll pay. We don't tack on any hidden or extra fees.

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No more uncertainty about whether or not your movers will show up on time – or show up at all! Get SMS updates throughout the day. Experience your first stress-free move with MoveMate.

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Moving is a process that accompanies almost all of life's major milestones– graduating, landing a new job, getting married, retiring – and yet it remains the only major event that we expect to go poorly. That’s why we’re building MoveMate.

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What Our Users Say

"Oscar and his helper arrived at the very start of my delivery window. They built everything very quick with care. Couldn't be happier with the delivery and my new dining set!"
Shannon F
"Had multiple very positive experiences with MoveMate delivering and picking up furniture. They truly go the extra mile to ensure clients' needs are met. Strong culture that starts with ownership caring about the business. Would recommend to anyone.
Strahil Ovcharov
"Had a great experience with having furniture delivered recently by MoveMate. Delivery was prompt, and the live tracking was a great addition. I really appreciated our driver, Dwayne, who was on time and super helpful for the drop off.
Megan Cochrane
"Very professional and kept the area clean after assembling my bedroom set. Awesome job Oscar!!!  Would highly recommend 👍🏻"
K Will
"I highly recommend move mate. I used them to deliver a couch I got off Facebook marketplace. They arrived on time. Were very mindful of their surroundings as well as the couch while moving (no damage and very clean). The live GPS  was useful to know exactly when they would arrive. The movers themselves were very nice and polite. The whole thing was great experience!
Lara Hokayem
"The service was above our expectations. The whole move was quick and efficient and the team was super friendly. If you’re looking for movers, please consider these guys and you will not regret it. There are not enough words to express how impressed i am with the service."
Kritika Sood

The All-In-One Platform

With MoveMate, you can effortlessly plan, schedule, and manage every aspect of your move in one convenient platform. From finding reliable movers to packing tips and tracking your belongings, we've thought of it all. Move with confidence and ease.

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Different types of moves we've completed in Ottawa including furniture moves, residential moves, apartment moves, etc.

Update Booking Details Anytime

No need to worry if you forgot to request a service or select an item while booking. The MoveMate booking platform allows you to change the details through your account, without the hassle of calling or emailing our team!


Add-On Features

Our movers go beyond transportation; they're versatile professionals ready to exceed expectations. In addition to moving, our team provides services like packing, assembly, disassembly, item disposal, and more. We're committed to making your move seamless and personalized, catering to your unique needs!

Image of the MoveMate booking plaftom's scheduling page

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you dispose of old furniture/appliances?
MoveMate can definitely help you with disposing of your old furniture or appliances! We kindly ask that you include this request in the notes section of your booking, found on your summary page. Please note that you may be subject to additional charges depending on the details of your request.
What are your current guidelines and terms?
We highly recommend you take an additional moment to go over our company policies. For our complete list of company policies regarding bookings, please click here:
How is the quote calculated?
MoveMate uses the addresses (accessibility included) and the total cubic feet of your items to calculate the real-time estimated price of your booking! In cases of last minute bookings, holidays, and rush periods, there is an automatic increase in our flat rates that will already be reflected in your estimated total.
Are you for residential moves only?
No - MoveMate offers moving and delivery services to anyone in need of transporting an item from one location to another. Bought furniture at a store that has insane shipping prices, or something from Kijiji that’s too big to carry home by yourself? We can help!
What do you mean by real time estimates?
This one is pretty cool! When you are going through the different steps of the booking process, you will be able to see an estimated price auto-populating in the top right hand corner of the screen!
How is MoveMate different from traditional moving services?
As technology continues to bring us closer together, there is still no modern solution to deliver our most precious items to use in an easy, trustworthy, and seamless manner. Our focus is on our customers’ experience, ensuring that the systems we design make their moving and delivery process easy, reliable, and hassle-free - all at their fingertips.
Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Read more FAQ below

Servicing Calgary

MoveMate is your trusted moving partner in the bustling heart of Calgary. We are dedicated to delivering a moving experience that is not only hassle-free but also incredibly dependable. Whether you're planning an in-city move or embarking on a journey to or from Calgary, count on us to make your transition a breeze. Your local moving needs are in capable hands, and we're here to guarantee the success of your next move.

We know how stressful it can be

Moving is often listed as one of life's most stressful events. Our mission is to provide exceptional moving services and to alleviate the stress that inevitably comes with moving. From the moment you book your move with us, our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your peace of mind. Let us take care of the logistics, so you can focus on your new journey.

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