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About Us


Imagine a world where moving large items is as easy as ordering a pizza. Well, that's what we designed MoveMate to be: an innovative platform that connects our customers and our highly trained movers (our Mates) to make transporting goods a breeze!

Our Story

When our founder Lucas Francioli was a student at McGill University, he constantly heard stories of moves gone wrong. Last-minute extra charges and movers arriving hours late (or not at all) were just some of the terrifying complaints students had. Without really thinking about what to do next, he decided to rent a truck to help those who needed it to move. In less than 10 days, he generated over $12,000! Lucas had identified a fundamental problem and a real need by the customers.

Shortly after, Lucas embarked on his journey to revolutionize the moving and delivery industries. During an Uber ride, he met Will, a retired professional speed skater who is now MoveMate's COO. After lengthy discussions about the current weaknesses of traditional moving companies, they decided to create MoveMate, a stress-free moving and delivery solution.

Since then, MoveMate has continued to innovate to offer its customers and partners the best services. After seeing the growth and demand over the years, MoveMate now plans to expand to new Canadian regions.

Meet the Team

Lucas Francioli

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

William Preudhomme

Head of Operations

Nico de Ruiter

Sales Manager
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A dynamic team with a visionary spirit


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