2022 outdoor patio trends you need to follow this summer


June 1, 2022

Whether you just moved to a new house, or your home is just in desperate need of a refresh, here are all the things you need for your outdoor patio this summer. And by hiring qualified movers in your area, you won’t have to worry about the moving and delivery of anything! Get ready for your friends and family to gossip about how your summer BBQs are the best and your patio is the trendiest (thanks to your new stuff of course!).

2022 patio furniture trends for your home

Comfortable outdoor furniture

Sure, muskoka chairs may fit the rustic aesthetic people love… but they really aren’t that comfortable. Recently, homeowners have been buying comfortable outdoor furniture that’s not only perfect for backyard get-togethers, but it's comfy enough for a nap. And since they’ve become so trendy, you can get just about any colour or configuration imaginable!

Fire table

Some people love to sit by a real campfire, and some people don’t actually like chopping wood and trying not to inhale smoke. If you’re the latter, but you still want to cozy up by a fire on a cool summer night, buy a fire table! They may be a bit more expensive than a fire pit but they’re way less hassle. Especially if you hire qualified movers to do the heavy lifting into your backyard!

2022 patio decor trends for your home

Outdoor area rug

Who says you can’t treat your patio like your “summer living room”? Once you find a patterned rug that fits your aesthetic, suddenly your patio dream will start coming to life! Just make sure you get a weather-proof rug!

Outdoor bar

Make your home patio the place to be this summer with an outdoor bar stocked with everything you’ll need for entertaining. Pro tip: if you’re still living the WFH lifestyle, use the bar as your workspace during the day!

2022 patio design trends for your home

You’ll find everything at your local home furnishing store, and then all you’ll need is to use a company for local moving and delivery service like MoveMate to deliver everything to your home.

Edison bulb string lights

Clearly Edison knew what he was doing because his light bulbs are still filling every homeowner’s Pinterest feed in 2022. If you don’t have some Edison bulb string lights for your outdoor patio, you seriously need to change that.

2022 patio plant trends for your home

Cute planters

The outdoor patio of your dreams has no room for boring flower pots. Head over to your local gardening or home store and find some cute planters that match your aesthetic. If you’re not a pro gardener, don’t worry! Ask a local garden shop employer for some help.

With all these new additions, you’ll feel like you’ve moved to a new home no matter how long you’ve lived there! But you’re probably wondering: how am I going to buy all this stuff and get it to my backyard? Well, with MoveMate’s help, it’ll be as easy as clicking a few buttons! In under 2 minutes you can get a free quote for any moving and delivery service from your favourite store. And if you’d like, your Mates can help assemble your furniture in your backyard too! Time to fire up the grill!