5 Tips For an Efficient Spring Cleaning

April 14, 2023

The days are getting longer, birds are singing, flowers are blooming… It’s finally spring, which also means that your annual spring cleaning is right around the corner! It’s time for a new and fresh start. Here are 5 tips for a quick and efficient spring cleaning! Are you by any chance also planning on moving soon? Let our Mates provide you with the moving help you need!

1. Plan which tasks need to be done

To overcome this duty, you must be prepared. Make a list of all the tasks you’d like to go through and spread them over several days in order to avoid doing everything at once and overworking yourself. Prioritize the most important tasks and specify what needs to be done for each of them. To keep you motivated, make sure to cross off every task that you complete on your checklist!

Never done any spring cleaning before? Check out our blog titled “The Secret to Spring Cleaning” to get more detailed advice on where to start!

2. Get all the necessary equipment

After planning your tasks, make sure you have the supplies needed to get your work done. Here’s a list of things you should keep on hand:

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Windows cleaner
  • A bucket
  • A pair of gloves
  • Rags and sponges
  • A broom, mop and feather duster
  • Trash bags

It’s essential to have all the necessary cleaning supplies within your reach before you start cleaning in order to avoid postponing your tasks!

3. Create a nice working atmosphere

Try your best to avoid seeing spring cleaning as a dreadful task. Instead, try to create a fun working environment in order to make it seem less arduous. Play your favorite music, plan some food and drinks, and put on your comfiest clothes! 

Try to get some of your family members or roommates to help you out; time goes by quickly when you’re in good company. This way, you won’t even feel like you’ve done a chore, but rather just had a good time with your close ones!

4. Declutter your storage space

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to sort out your belongings and reorganize your spaces. It’s the perfect time to get rid of what you no longer need and only keep what you find useful for you. Figure out what needs to be thrown away, repaired, donated, sold or put away. Keep in mind the 4Rs while you’re at it: reduce, reuse, recycle and recover.

5. Redecorate your home

Spring is all about new beginnings, so it’s the perfect time to renew your home decor. Open up your curtains, buy some new plants, change your bedding and cushions, add touches of spring colors here and there to brighten up your home!

You could also change the layout of your rooms or even switch up your entire house if you’re up for a major transformation. If you’re planning on buying new furniture to celebrate this new season, MoveMate also offers furniture delivery services! We can even assemble them for you.

With these tips in mind, you’re now ready to take action! Whether it’s for a delivery, a move or to help you declutter, our Mates are here to help.

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