5 Tips for Students Moving into Apartments

April 14, 2023

After spending years in a college dorm or your childhood home, you’re finally moving into your first apartment! Regardless of whether you’re still in school or graduated, this crucial yet exhilarating time can be a bit overwhelming, and at MoveMate, we’re here to make sure your first move goes smoothly! For this reason, we’ve prepared these 5 useful tips to help you make this transition effortless.

1. Think ahead

Aside from planning on where and when to hire movers, you should keep in mind where you’ll be working as well as how much you’ll earn to get an idea of a suitable price range for you. With your job in mind, location is a key component to consider as well, since it affects things such as rent, commute time and safety. An example of this would be picking a place close to your classes or work in order to save on transportation expenses. Remember to also take in consideration whether you’d rather live alone or with roommates, since having a roommate is a great way to cut expenses and get additional help.

2. Consider your expenses

Speaking of cutting expenses, moving into your first apartment brings in extra expenses that you should consider, such as: 

  • Gas, electricity, cable and internet bills, unless they’re already included in your rent. 
  • Renter’s insurance as some apartments do require it
  • Security deposit, which is usually the first month’s rent)
  • Regular expenses such as credit card bills, groceries, transportation, student loan, etc.

With these in mind, you’ll probably need to establish a budget for your move. With our affordable movers, you won’t have to worry too much about it! You can even get a free quote on our website in order to plan ahead.

3. List out your apartment essentials

As a college student moving into your first apartment, there are a lot of things that you can bring with you from your dorms. However, there are still many houseware items that need to be bought as well. 

In certain cases, you might move into a furnished apartment, but most of the time it would be an empty space. Here are a few essential things to consider:

  • Living room, bedroom and dining room furniture
  • Kitchen utensils and equipment
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Bedding (mattress, pillows, pillow cases, comforter, bedsheets)

Consider looking at garage sales or online marketplaces where people are selling their furniture for cheaper deals than retail stores. If you’re looking for cheap movers in your town to take care of your deliveries, our Mates can also take care of this for you!

4. Moving Day

Your move date will be set once you’ve signed your lease. When it’ll be time to find movers, remember that others will be moving around the same time too, so make sure to book in advance. If you choose to book with MoveMate, our Mates will come to your aid and help make this a simple, safe and surprise-free move. 

Ideally, you could try and move during the weekday since weekends are usually filled with chaos and panic. Make sure to be completely packed on the day, making it a smooth transition for the movers. If you need help with packing, our professional movers can also ease this task for you!

5. After the move

Once you finally move in, take the time to set up everything and make your new place feel like home. It’s also a great idea to introduce yourself to your neighbours as they are people who will live next to you for a potentially long time. 

Once you're unpacked, it’s time to throw your first dinner party with your friends, colleagues and new neighbours! You’re on the next stage of your life and finally adulting!

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