9 tips for preparing your furniture for moving

April 14, 2023

Moving is probably one of the most stressful events in your life. Packing, cleaning up, gathering materials, & coordinating logistics are definitely some dreadful tasks that come along with planning a move. To help you make this experience a lot smoother, we have put together our best 9 tips to prepare your furniture for moving. 

Enlist help of qualified movers to move your furniture

Undoubtedly, enlisting the help of professional movers is definitely the best way to optimise time when it comes to heavy furniture transportation. After all, moving big couches, dressers, tables, or even heavy marble pieces  is not just about having the right amount of manpower to lift items.

 Besides physically carrying the furniture, qualified movers will also oversee: transportation logistics, supplies, protective equipment, and disassembly of items. Not to mention that they will have the proper technique and knowledge to safely relocate heavy furniture. 

If you are looking to enlist the help of professional movers, our Mates are ready to help! If you still prefer to prepare your furniture for moving by yourself, continue reading below for our top recommendations.

Reuse old blankets to drag heavy furniture

This is the oldest trick in the book! If we rewind to high school Physics class and use some of the theory about friction, we can definitely see why blankets are so useful to slide large furniture. Even if we place a heavy dresser over it, we are able to drag away the item without exhausting our muscles. 

Bonus tips: use a thicker cover up like an old duvet to protect hardwood floors. 

Use sliders for a smooth furniture slide

If you don't have old blankets to spare for sliding your furniture, you can opt for buying  sliders. Here is our top choice from Amazon with a price tag of less than $20. 

Get a moving checklist to organise your furniture 

Like everything in life, planning before the actual move is the best way to stay organised. Before you even begin to prepare your furniture for moving, it’s suggested to use a checklist to  organise all the logistics from A to Z. After you go through it, you will have a better idea of what furniture you will actually bring to your new home and which items you will need to transport to a storage facility. 

Take proper dimensions of the space 

Before you even gather supplies to move your furniture, don’t forget to take all the proper dimensions for the transportation! We have heard countless stories of customers who bring a heavy couch all the way to an exit door just to then cry in desperation: It doesn’t fit! 

Gather handy utensils to protect and transport the furniture

The reality is that to prepare your furniture for moving, you don’t need to acquire a lot of fancy utensils. Here are some recommendations to gather all the necessary items:

Protective material: bubble wrap, corner guards, or boxes

Transportation: dolly, blankets, and security straps

Tools: multi-bit screwdriver

Use proper ergonomics/posture

If you decide to prepare and move heavy furniture on your own, it is really important that you follow proper ergonomics to avoid straining your back. Here is a helpful YouTube tutorial on proper lifting techniques to prevent injuries.

Disassemble furniture whenever possible

Even though disassembling furniture before relocating it is very time consuming, it is the  safest and easiest way to carry it. This crucial preparation step makes transportation and storing a lot easier, minimises heavy loads and thus injuries, and lastly it saves space inside the moving truck. If you want to outsource this tedious task and still ensure maximum protection of your items, our Mates can help you disassemble and assemble your furniture.

Protect the furniture from scratches

The last step to prepare your furniture for moving is to ensure that it is protected from scratches and damages during transportation. To ensure a seamless move, protect corners with cardboard, wrap fragile parts with bubble wrap or thick blankets, and remember to take proper measurements of the space to avoid unnecessary pivoting. 


Preparing your furniture for moving can be a lot easier with the right equipment, protective tools, organisation material, and proper ergonomics. If you want to make your move a stress-free experience make sure to follow all the instructions above and you will be set up for success. 

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