Best places to Get Free Moving Boxes in Montreal

April 14, 2023

Moving can be hassle. Don’t waste your time, energy, and money on buying cardboard moving boxes when there are plenty of places in Montreal where you can get them for free. We’ve created a list of places that are usually willing to hand boxes out.  Before heading over, however, it would be best to call the location to make sure they have some and would be willing to give them to you.

1. Your Local Montreal Grocery Store

Grocery stores need frequent shipments of goods in order to keep their shelves stocked. What do most of these goods arrive in? You guessed it: boxes. If you call ahead and ask, they’ll probably put some side for you to come and pick up later. Fun fact I saw on Reddit. The best ones to use from grocery stores are banana boxes! Weird, right? It is because they are super sturdy and even have handles which make them great for moving. Keep in mind that these boxes usually have holes in them to let the fruit breathe, so best avoid packing them with small objects.

2. Bottle boxes from Bars

Bars are truly always there for you, even during your move. Bottle boxes have to be strong enough to hold fragile liquor bottles so you can definitely count on them to hold your stuff. Head on down to one near you and see if they have any you could take. While you are there, why not pick up a bottle of wine or two; we all know how stressful moving can be!

3. Book Stores

What better place to store your book collection during your move than a box that was used to ship other books? Seriously, these boxes are great for moving because they’re made to hold heavy objects. If everyone has already beaten you to the closest Indigo and snatched up all the boxes, try your local college or university bookstore. They’re probably used to students asking for free boxes anyway.

4. The Internet

One of the greatest (yet kinda scary) aspects of the internet is the ability to find almost anything. This includes free moving boxes. Try sites like Kijiji, Craigslist, or even Facebook to see if anyone is selling or giving away packages.

5. Your Workplace

Depending on where you work, you might have a bunch of cardboard boxes lying around. Now, I’m not advising that you steal the them from your workplace because your employer could have a future use for them; however, if you ask and confirm that no one is using them, then they’re fair game.

Now I have the boxes, what’s next?

Congratulations! You now have moving boxes without spending a dime! Doesn’t it feel good? Well, if free stuff doesn’t make you happy then maybe saving the planet does. By reusing the boxes from these aforementioned locations, you’re saving them from being thrown out. Even small actions can contribute to changing the widespread culture of waste that permeates our society.

Now that you have everything you need, all that’s left to do is to book your movers! MoveMate is a small Montreal-based company that offers its services throughout the Greater Montreal area. So what are you waiting for? Time to get moving!

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