Best time to move in Montreal and why

April 14, 2023

If you’re planning on moving within Montreal and trying to find the best time to do so, there are three factors to consider. These are: whether you are buying or leasing, the moving season, and of course, our weather. Despite the many housing options available in Montreal, these factors play an essential role when we try to plan our moving date; here is why:

Buying or leasing

By now, we are guessing that you have more or less a financial plan and a decision on your housing options. Properties for sale are usually available throughout the year, so finding a listing that interests you shouldn’t be a never-ending scavenger hunt. However, renting an apartment in Montreal generally follows a timeline.

Leases in our city usually renew in July, so that means that apartments available for rent will be posted on real estate listing websites around March. Apartment hunting can be quite stressful, there is usually a large demand, and not always the options available meet our criteria. We recommend you start looking for your new rental as soon as possible so you can get the best deal. However, although there won’t be as many listings outside this time frame, you can still find some good deals if you look carefully.

Montreal moving season and movers

When July 1st comes around, movers get booked up quickly! Their calendars get crowded, and prices tend to be higher due to a large demand. Although having a season for moving helps us get organized, it also puts us on a very tight schedule. If you are planning to move in July, you can schedule your move from now. Keep in mind that you can change or cancel the appointment later in case your moving date changes.


We are notorious for our weather reputation! Although we love a good winter snowy day, the extensive cold season forcedly makes moving all year-round seem like an almost impossible task. Although movers – our Mates are prepared to do any lifting, any time, you might not want to deal with bad weather conditions.


Considering all these things, we find that the best time to plan a move to Montreal would be right before the busy season. There are listings available for rent during May and June, movers are not as occupied, and there is lovely spring-summer weather. If you want to hear what other Montrealers are saying, check out this thread on Quora to listen to their opinions.

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