Can you hire our movers to unload your truck?

April 14, 2023

Absolutely yes! Besides offering full-service moves, our Mates can also help you move your items with your own truck. If you are looking to economize your booking, this is a great alternative. You will still get the benefits of hiring the Mates while saving up extra cash to splurge on house decor for your new home!

What can our movers load and unload?

They can load and unload everything you need. You just need to specify in the booking the type and number of items, and they will take care of safely getting them in and out of your truck.

Can the movers pack the items as well?

Duh! Not only can they do the heavy lifting, but they can also pack and wrap your items. They are the fairy parents we always wanted!

What service area do your movers cover for loading and unloading a truck?

Although we wish their superpowers were universal, our magic movers currently operate in Montreal and surrounding areas. However, we do offer full-service long distance moves!

How long can I book your movers for?

The Mates are entirely at your service! When you make the booking request, you will choose the move’s duration and specify the hours.

What do movers load first?

It depends on what type of items you are moving and the kind of truck you have. Our recommendation is first to load smaller items and boxes to clear up space in the house. After, putting away larger furniture will be easier! Rest assured that our Mates are moving experts, so they will personally advise you based on your specific situation.

Are you ready for a hassle-free move? Our Mates can’t wait to give you a hand. You can get a quote in under two minutes here! If you are looking to check out our other moving services we offer, take a look at our home page.

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