Clean Your Apartment Between Moves

Nettoyer après son déménagement

December 16, 2021

So, you just finished moving with MoveMate and are about to start unpacking all your boxes, wait! Don’t do it yet! Chances are the previous tenants did not leave your new place as clean as Mari Kondo’s home. Before you unpack from your move, follow our guide to giving your apartment a deep cleaning!

1. Clean apartment, it’s worth it.

Let’s face it. Some of you reading this couldn’t care less about living in a clean apartment. Yes, I’m talking to you. I know you won’t rush to clean your frat room before taking it over from the previous tenant. No, this article is for the mom friends of the world, so if you aren’t one, keep scrolling.

2. Swiffer That Walk

Okay, now that we have the cool cats and kittens here, let’s get down to business. First, clean your floors. Get out your Swiffer or mop or vacuum, honestly anything and make sure those floors are nice and sparkling before you start setting up your new place. Swiffer room by room, moving boxes and furniture around to different parts to get every inch. If you are moving into a student apartment area, chances are the wood floors are so marked up you can’t tell if you cleaned them, but if you have a nicer apartment, consider getting cleaners specifically for wood floors.

3. Bounty, The Quicker Picker Upper

Now that you cleaned your floors, tackle other surfaces in your apartment. I’m talking about kitchen counters, oven tops, bathroom counters, shelves, the bathtub, windowsills, and even the inside of your fridge. No I’m not joking, go wipe those crumbs off the fridge shelf. Better yet, take the entire shelf out and wash them in the sink! For the extra mile, wipe down your furniture too

4. Grout, The Battle of Bathroomfell

If you have kitchen tiles, or like most people, tiles in your bathroom along the floor and shower, you have grout. Grout is that paste that fills the crevices in between the tiles. And do you know what happens to grout? It gets dirty. Residue from shampoo, soaps, dirt, and the dregs of the devil discolor your grout, turning it from clean to a greyish brown. To clean your grout, mix warm water and baking soda in a 1:3 ratio. Work in small sections and apply the paste to the grout and use an old toothbrush to scrub away. Then rinse!

Step 5: Clean, Clean, Wipe, Wipe

The final step to cleaning your apartment before unpacking is wiping all your windows and mirrors with cleaners. They may not look dirty, but upon further inspection there can be a lot of grime. Take some mirror cleaner or window cleaner and go wipe up those final surfaces. And that’s it! You are all done and ready to unpack.

Thanks for staying tuned folks! I hope this was helpful. The MoveMate team is dedicated to making your next move and your life hassle-free. We are not just a moving company, but a platform to improve your lifestyle! For more handy hacks, tips, and fun tidbits, go check out our website to find more blog articles about moving!