Create a workspace at home without moving

April 14, 2023

Over the past nine months, telework has become a part of our everyday lives. First imposed by the urgency of the pandemic, millions of workers worldwide have now had to create makeshift offices in their homes in lieu of their daily commutes to office buildings. If you’re tired of working from your couch, suffering from back pain from your kitchen chair, or need to find a way to balance your professional and private life, we’ve got you covered! Here’s some advice on how you can best adapt to this new lifestyle and say goodbye to the physical and psychological discomforts that can be caused by poor management of telework.

An office at home

Set up your workspace in a way that makes you feel and think at your best. By looking outward, you will enhance your abilities to think creatively. Decorating your desk with plants, flowers or candles will add ambiance and aesthetic to your space, boosting your mood and in turn, your productivity.

Tidying up your office

Working from home tends to blur the lines between private and professional life. While setting up a schedule and a routine are important to achieving work-life balance, clearing your desk of files and work tools will also help you transition out of your work day and into your time for relaxation. By creating a sense of calmness in your environment, you will reduce stress and come back feeling rejuvenated the next day!

“Disconnect to connect”

Our world has become ultra-connected. We’re flooded with information all day long, and with fewer opportunities to take coffee breaks with colleagues, are pressured into remaining connected for longer hours. In order to avoid the significant impact this can have on our mental health, it is essential we take a moment away from our screens, go for a walk, exercise, or read a few pages of a good book. Find the activity that suits you and make a habit of implementing this break into your daily routine. Disconnecting has proven to make employees more productive and happier.

Relax your body at home

Our hyper-connectivity and inadequate office furnishings which in turn cause poor posture to leave our physical and mental health to suffer. Introducing short 5-minute stretching breaks between video conferences can reduce this discomfort and fuel you with energy for your next meeting. Check out this video to see how our team helps avoid these symptoms.

Our Mates are here for you!

Working remotely is the new-normal among most of us, so a proper desk and chair at home are essential to our well-being. MoveMate is here to support you in this transition with its new service: by selecting Single Item Delivery on our platform, our Mates will facilitate your office revamp by delivering your new work furniture and office decor directly to your home, leaving you both worry and stress-free.

I’m creating a workspace at home!

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