How much do movers cost in Montreal?

April 14, 2023

When we try to plan for a move, one of the first things we want to know is: how much will it cost us? Although moving companies are not as cheap as doing the job ourselves, we can all agree that the convenience certainly makes up for the price. There are different price ranges for hiring movers in Montreal, depending on the level of service we require.

Factors that influence the price:

  • Type of move: (residential move, small move, pick-up and delivery for e-marketplace, long-distance moves or storage)
  • The duration of the move
  • The complexity of the move (factors like access to elevators, stairs, distance)
  • The number of items
  • Number of movers you require
  • Number of trucks
  • Date of the move (high season, like summer, tends to be more expensive)

All these aspects are taken into consideration when a quote is being estimated. Our goal is to provide you with a transparent service, and you will be constantly shown the price before you confirm your booking.

Here are some estimated price ranges:

Keep in mind that during the moving season, prices might slightly vary due to high demand! To always get the most updated price quote, head to our booking platform to find out more.

What do these prices include:

  • Access to the truck, when applicable
  • Moving equipment
  • Moving tools  

When you go to our online booking platform, you will enter all the details of the service you require. The more detailed you are, the more accurate the price quote will be. A member of our Operations team will carefully review the information and provide you with the price.

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