How to Save Money When Moving: 5 Tips and Tricks

April 14, 2023

As we all know, moving can get quite expensive. From the moment you decide to move, you’re already starting to spend. The best way to save money when you move is to do as much as you can by yourself and to use as many free resources to stay organized the whole time, such as a complete moving checklist. Keep reading if you want to know the 5 tips and tricks we recommend to save money when moving.

1. DIY the Move
DIYing the move is one of the most cost-effective ways to save money when moving. While DIYing the move will take you more time and effort, it will cut on a lot of expenses you would pay professionals to take on. The best truck rental companies will have insurance, a variety of truck sizes, great reviews (over 4 stars) and excellent customer service. You can also save money by using unique moving services. Unique moving services like MoveMate save you time and money by connecting you with qualified local movers called Mates. Through their booking platform, you can get a quote and book a move in under 2 minutes. In fact, you can request a full-service move or if you have the transportation and need a helping hand, you can just book the Mates.

2. Get Multiple Quotes from Moving Companies or Moving Truck Rental Companies
Whether you choose to hire a moving company or rent a moving truck, you can save money either way by following these tips. When hiring a moving service, begin your research by getting multiple quotes. Getting more than one quote will enable you to choose the most affordable option. Beware that the most affordable option may not be your best option. Affordable pricing may mean low costs upfront and hidden expenses that will come up at the end of the move. These hidden costs may include fees for disassembling furniture, fees for moving difficult items, fees for cancellation and fees for disposal of residues.

3. Buy Used Moving Supplies or Rent Them
Another tip to save money is to rent or buy used moving supplies. There are a ton of moving supplies you will need for your move, and if you don’t move often, why would you need to spend a lot of money on them? If you’re DIYing the move, you can rent used moving supplies at your local truck rental/storage location or at a nearby hardware store. To get free moving boxes, you can visit your nearest grocery store, bar or book store. You can also often find free boxes, along with protective gear and moving equipment, on websites like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace. Another way to protect your belongings without spending on protective gear like bubble wrap is to wrap fragile items in clothes or newspapers. If you want to save time on going to buy your moving supplies, you can use an online moving supply shop that delivers them right to your door.

5.Use a Moving Concierge to Get Discounts
A final trick to maximize savings during your move is to use a moving concierge. Moving concierges gather all the information you need for your move and guide you through the move so you don’t have to do the work. They also offer recommendations for the best moving companies, best moving trucks, best storage solutions, and more. Moving concierges like MovingWaldo even offer discounts on cleaners, junk removers, internet providers and much more!

The 5 tips and tricks above will definitely help you save money when moving. While taking on the move yourself will save you money, it sometimes takes too much time and stress, leaving you exhausted and regretful. If you’re used to taking on things yourself, go ahead and save money by DIYing it. If you’ve never done anything like this, it may be better to let professionals handle your move. If you’re looking to save 70% of your time booking your move,  MoveMate can help.

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