How to wrap and protect wooden furniture during a Move?

April 14, 2023

If you are wondering if there’s a shortcut to wrapping and protecting the furniture during a move, sadly, the answer is no. This can be sometimes really hectic and consume a lot of time! Lucky for you, after years of experience in the moving industry, we have learned a thing or two to make your life a bit easier 😉.

Gather supplies

If you want to make this process go as smooth as possible, you need to be properly equipped. We are not talking about buying fancy equipment, rather, some basic tools to help you do the job: old blankets, bubble wrap, and cut-out foam padding.

Where to get these materials for FREE in Montreal?

You can usually get bubble wrap and foam padding from stores that throw them away after unpacking their products. Pass by your local Structube or Hudson’s Bay and ask around for spare ones!

Optional items: plastic wrap, furniture pads, and cardboard boxes.

Wrap the furniture

Wrapping wooden furniture is not an easy task!  This material is naturally porous and depending on the number of layers and strength of the protective coating applied, it will be more susceptible to damage.

The best way to wrap wooden furniture to ensure maximum protection during transportation is by first covering it in a blanket and then adding an extra layer of security with bubble wrap. The blanket will isolate the sticky plastic, which can damage the surface of the item. After you have done this basic step, you can opt to add foam padding, furniture pads, or tape cardboard pieces on the plastic film to protect edges and protruding corners.

Hire qualified movers

If you are reading this article, most likely you want to know how to protect large items such as bed frames, dining tables, dressers, or bookcases. Although you can ask your strong friends to help you load the heavy furniture in the truck, you will be surprised by the number of times strained backs are a common side effect. Even if they can deadlift 200 pounds at the gym, the main reason for moving injuries are the technique and way things are carried.

By hiring qualified movers that have been properly trained and equipped, you will reduce the likelihood of an injury. Additionally, most damages to furniture occur while carrying the furniture to the truck. Thus, by asking for experts’ help, you can rest assured they will certainly know how to best protect your furniture while carrying it.

Do you want professional movers to pack your wooden furniture?

If you prefer to avoid altogether the hassle of packing heavy furniture, you can certainly hire movers to do the job for you. All you need to do is request the option when you are booking the service. Yes, it is as easy as that!


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