Montreal, the Canadian city worth moving to

MoveMate is a startup based in Montreal. However, with COVID-19 situation, the majority of MoveMate’s operations are now being carried out online. That being said, MoveMate employees will also start using our office space in the near future!

April 14, 2023

MoveMate is a startup based in Montreal. However, with COVID-19 situation, the majority of MoveMate’s operations are now being carried out online. That being said, MoveMate employees will also start using our office space in the near future! Thus, while we are very flexible about your chosen work location, we strongly encourage applicants to come work out of Montreal to enjoy a phenomenal Canadian experience!

With Canada beginning to roll-back restrictions, your work experience would be enriched substantially by immigrating! Our team has weekly happy hours in nearby parks that allow for all of us to develop meaningful relationships with colleagues. Additionally, many patios and tourist attractions are now open throughout the city, so you will still have the chance to explore Montreal. Sounds pretty incredible, right? To convince you all the more, we’ve decided to concoct a (non-exhaustive) list of activities you’ll have the chance to do by joining us here!

Some fun things to do in Montreal

1. Climb up Mont Royal for the best Montreal views.

Montreal views

This small mountain will allow you to enjoy a panoramic view of Montreal. In addition, this urban park will give you a breath of fresh air without leaving the borders of Montreal! A real moment of escape.

2. Ziplining in Old Port

Ziplining in Old Port
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An exhilarating flight over Bonsecours Island, in the Old Port of Montreal, that will show you the city as you’ve never seen it before! Try not to scream too loud!

3. Visit National Parks just outside the City

Montreal National Parks
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These parks abound with treasures of the most surprising flora and fauna! You will be able to enjoy the sounds of nature as you canoe down a lake and portage through the wilderness. This would be a perfect weekend getaway for you and a Mate!

4. Roam the streets of Old Montreal!

Old Montreal
Credits: Denis Tremblay,
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This neighbourhood overlooking the St. Lawrence River is home to many restaurants, shops, museums and historical buildings. Day or night, you won’t be bored!

5. Eat some of Quebec’s signature foods in Montreal

Poutine Quebec

The best neighbourhood is the Plateau-Mont-Royal. In this neighbourhood, there are famous restaurants where you can find the culinary classics of Quebec and Montreal. You’ll find Montreal bagels, poutine and smoked meat in this young and dynamic borough!

6. Sip a cocktail on a terrace!

terrace in Montreal hotel
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Nothing is more pleasant than having a drink or a meal on a terrace with friends or colleagues! Many bars throughout the city are located on rooftops and offer a great view of Montreal!

7. Admire the street art on the walls of St. Laurent!

street art

Stroll around Saint-Laurent and don’t forget to look up and appreciate the hundreds of graffiti art murals! They add so much colour and flavour to the hustling urban street They are a great source of inspiration for many.

8.  Enjoy some local beer at Dieu du Ciel!

Source: Courtesy Yelp/Stacie S.

Dieu du Ciel is a local brewery specialising in tasty, traditional and experimental beers. Popular with locals and tourists alike, the brewery attracts a large queue most of the time for its wide choice of beers! But let us tell you now that it is worth the wait.

9. Enjoy the light show at Montreal ’s Botanical Garden

Montreal botanic garden

The “Gardens of Lights” sessions are back at the Botanical Garden! You will be able to come and admire these colourful mixes at dusk. Don’t forget to book online, the number of places is limited following COVID-19.

10.  Explore Habitat 67

Habitat 67

These concrete blocks are actually an architectural feat that many students and tourists come to visit every year. The history of this building is not insignificant, so we’ll leave you a little suspense to discover it!  

11. Hit the Slopes!


We’re not gonna lie to you, it’s cold in Montreal… But look on the bright side! You will be able to admire/ride all this snow as much as you want! Skiing, dog sledding or a relaxing spa will make you fall in love with Montreal winters, we promise!  

Assistance with the Immigration Process

After showing you all of these fun attractions, we hope we’ve made you want to come and join us! And if the immigration process in Canada is holding you back, don’t worry! We will help you from step A to Z so that you can have an exceptional work experience right here in Montreal. See you soon!

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