My Moving Experience: Booking with MoveMate

How I ended up moving and working at MoveMate? Before I started working at MoveMate, I fell for their gorgeous graphics and promises of simplicity and flexibility.

April 14, 2023

When booking started

How I ended up moving and working at MoveMate? Before I started working at MoveMate, I fell for their gorgeous graphics and promises of simplicity and flexibility.

Hi! I’m Sophie Masson and this is my moving experience with MoveMate

I booked my move with MoveMate well in advance. I was moving from one apartment in Montreal to another one about a street over. “This move will be simple,” I thought. The only problem was that no morning times were available on May 1st, but I assumed my (old) landlord would be understanding because of COVID-19. “It will be fine.” It was not fine.

Booking rearrangements

A couple of days before I was supposed to move, I got an email from my landlord asking what date and time I was moving out. I responded and explained that the only time I could secure for May 1st was 1:00pm. I got a very passive aggressive email in return asking me to change it to the morning. Now, I started to panic. Racing to the MoveMate website, I went through all the steps to see if an earlier time had opened up. To my surprise, there were quite a few. The question was: how do I rebook my move? Should I just book another move and cancel the old one? What was I going to eat for dinner? Okay, there were many questions.

I sent an email to customer support. To my pleasant surprise, less than two minutes later (yes, the customer service was that good), I got a call from an unknown number. It was MoveMate! The guy on the phone was very helpful and was able to change the time of my move directly. All was settled. I wrote an equally passive aggressive email to my landlord about how I successfully changed the time of my move to 7:30. In. The. Morning (Ugh).

The actual moving experience

The actual move went smoothly. They packed up my apartment and even figured out how to take apart the nightmare that is an Ikea bed frame; however, the hardest part was yet to come. Did I mention my new apartment has three flights of stairs? With no elevator? No? Well, it does. While the Mates were lugging my stuff up the first two flights of stairs, I was struggling to open the front door. There were two locks and my key ring had four different keys. I knew which one unlocked the top lock, but I had no idea how to open the bottom lock. I tried one key. Didn’t work. I tried another key. Nothing. I tried the fourth key…  Did I even have the right key with me??

I could feel the sweat dripping down my face as each key failed. What was I going to do? Before I could freak out, Will (one of the Mates) suggested I flip the key that opened the top lock upside down. Naturally, it worked. My sigh of relief was so great that I ended up swallowing my gum in the process. Luckily they were there to help or I might still be locked out to this day.

Moving with MoveMate

If this move taught me anything, it’s that I should really leave things to the professional movers. Thank you for your services MoveMate!

What are you waiting for?

There you go, you know everything about the MoveMate booking, you can now book with your eyes closed 😉.

With our three step moving plan, moving day will become hassle-free, unlike traditional moving experiences. So what are you waiting for? With no hidden fees, carefully vetted movers, and our simple intuitive booking website, nothing is stopping you from getting from point A to point B. Questions? If that was not enough to convince you, come chat with us or send us an email!. You can also click here to learn more about our team and our values. Also be sure to check us out on Facebook or Instagram to get helpful moving tips and updates!

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