Redecorate your home without spending a dime

April 14, 2023

There is nothing more refreshing to the eyes than a redecorated home! Simply buying a boho rug with a glass center table and dried pampas grass can take your living room to a whole new level. Although splurging on house decor seems like a good idea, there are still ways to revamp your space without spending a dime.

Frame public domain images

The empty wall behind your sofa is the perfect place to hang public domain images. That pretty frame sitting in your closet can be used to create a multi-frame collage. Pexels is a quick way to access thousands of images without infringing on copyright issues.

Mason jar candles

Did you know that most of the storebought artificially scented candles can be dangerous to your health? Although they smell great, they usually contain paraffin wax, which releases harmful toxins into the air when burnt. A safer and economical swap is to make your own with natural ingredients. Click here to access a simple and toxin-free recipe.

Turn objects into wall art

Although frames and paintings are the most common items hung on walls, they’re not the only wall art ideas out there! If you are looking to declutter, you can repurpose many of these items as new decorations: plates, hats, blankets, rugs, and even plants! Check out this blog post for some inspiration.

If you are looking for more decoration ideas, make sure to check out our blogs on creating a workspace at home and tips for decorating your home in the winter.

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