Tips for moving around July 1st in Montreal

April 14, 2023

Are you moving during the high season in Montreal? You are not the only one! The months of May and July are the busiest time of the year for our movers (our Mates). As soon as the sun rays of spring come in, you can spot on the roads moving trucks and new neighbours in your area. If you are one of those taking advantage of the great weather, here are some tips for moving during the high season

Book as soon as possible

You are not the only one looking for movers this time of the year; book as soon as possible to secure your spot! The earlier you go on our platform and reserve, the more likely you will guarantee a spot with the date and time of your convenience. If you snooze, you lose!

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Aim for the middle of the month

From experience, we can say that most moves during peak season usually happen at the beginning or end of the month. If possible, try to schedule yours towards the middle of May or June. Even if the demand is higher than usual, more minor moves will be happening, and you can get a better price quote.

Tip: People move less frequently during the weekdays compared to weekends. Aim for mid-week as well! 😉

Look out for discounts

The high demand for our movers (Mates) pushes the prices a bit higher. However, look out for our newsletter and social media accounts to access discounts, and limited-time offers available during the rush period.

Enjoy Canada day!

Holidays are the busiest for movers! If you can plan your move before or after the national holidays, you will find more time slots available. Also, during holidays there is a lot of traffic and movement on the roads which often means delays.

Besides the limited availability, moving during the warmer months is very convenient! After all, we want to avoid spending too much time outside during the winter… especially if we have to carry objects. The essential part of moving during the high season is to plan everything with time. Get in touch with us today if you plan to move between May and July to reserve your spot. We are ready to help!


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