What to do while your movers are doing the move

December 24, 2021

Anyone who has used a moving service knows how awkward it can be when your movers are doing the move. Even though you hired them specifically for this job, you may still be compelled to ask your movers if they need any help. Chances are, they’ll say no. This is mainly for your own safety, yet you can’t help but feel as though you should be doing something other than just watching. Here are some things you can do to help your movers without lifting a finger.

Stick Around but Stay Out of the Way

Yes, I’m aware that this is a contradiction. Let me explain. Your movers might have questions and if they do, you’ll need to be around to answer them. If your move is going to take all day, it’s perfectly fine to leave the house to run errands as long as you check back regularly. It’s not okay to completely disappear. On the other hand, it’s also not okay to breath down your movers’ necks. Your movers know what they’re doing (they’re professionals for a reason) and don’t need to be micromanaged. Just trust them to get the job done and leave them be unless they ask you for something.

Offer Refreshments and/or Food

Moving is hard work especially if there are a lot of stairs or it’s just a particularly hot day. It’s always thoughtful to offer your movers some water or coffee if it’s early. It’s also nice to offer snacks or lunch if the move is going to take most of the day.

Indicate Special Items

If there is something particularly valuable to you or fragile, point it out to your movers. It may not be clear (even if you labeled the box fragile) that something should be moved with extra caution. Maybe you have a piece of furniture with a broken leg that needs to be moved carefully into the truck or an oddly shaped antique vase that you didn’t know how to pack and secure properly.

These are things you should let your mover know to avoid possible damage. If you have something irreplaceable that you’d rather take in the car with you, set it off to the side and let your movers know that they shouldn’t pack it.

Tell Your Movers Where to Put the Boxes in Your New Home

Your movers have never been inside your new place. While the kitchen and the bathroom are easily identifiable, “Sophie’s Room” may not be. Moving your boxes into your new home is part of their job. If they put an armchair in the living room that is supposed to go into “Sophie’s Room” on the second floor, don’t wait until they leave. Kindly let your movers know that that armchair is supposed to go upstairs in the first room on the left so you don’t have to lug it upstairs (possibly damaging the chair or yourself) after they’re gone.