Where to thrift furniture and home decor in Vancouver

June 1, 2022

So, you’ve made the move to Vancouver, or you already live there, and you want to fill your home with new furniture. More specifically, “gently used furniture”. Whether you’re a first home buyer, or you just want to update your space, below are 4 of the best places to thrift furniture and home decor in Vancouver. All you have to worry about is finding the perfect addition to your home, and let the best movers in Vancouver do the furniture delivery for you.

Thrift furniture in Vancouver at Attic Treasures

  1. Attic Treasures

For all you old souls out there who dream of filling their home with vintage furniture and funky decor, this is your safe haven. Attic Treasures offers a selection of carefully curated pieces so you know you’re bound to fall in love with something. From furniture to decor to lighting and dishware, this place has it all.

Now don’t confuse “vintage shop” with “thrift store”. Sure, both sell used items, but the prices at a vintage shop are much higher. That being said, the quality is typically higher as well.

Thrift furniture in Vancouver at Aunt Leah's Thrift
  1. Aunt Leah’s Thrift

If you want to find some “pre-loved” furniture for your home in Vancouver, but also support your community, head over to Aunt Leah’s Thrift!

This small shop may not have the largest collection of used furniture, but their inventory is constantly turning over so you can go back again, and again, and again…

Although they do offer delivery for items posted on their online shop, you’ll want to hire the best local movers in Vancouver to handle your furniture delivery.

But what really makes this second hand store stand out, is that all profits are given to foster children and mothers in the Vancouver community who need help with housing, furniture, and clothing.

So seriously, check them out!

Thrift furniture in Vancouver at Union Gospel Mission Thrift Store
  1. Union Gospel Mission Thrift Store

Union Gospel Mission Thrift Store is another social enterprise that sells used furniture and home decor. Before selling any donated items, they check their Community Needs List to ensure community members in need get first dibs.

They have super friendly staff to help you out, and a great selection of used home items. Only problem is they aren’t open on the weekend, so make sure you go during the week!

  1. BC SPCA Thrift Store

If the first 4 suggestions I gave you weren’t enough, BC SPCA Vancouver EastThrift Store will have what you’re looking for. While their main floor is full of second hand clothing, they have an entire basement filled with used furniture and home items. Time to hire the best movers in Vancouver to help get everything home. Because you’re probably going to find more than a carload!

Some thrift stores with huge inventories can be super unorganized and overwhelming for customers, but this one is the complete opposite. You get a huge selection without the stress of hunting through piles of stuff.

Now you may be wondering: how on earth am I going to get all these large items to my home? Lucky for you, in just a few minutes you can hire a local mover from MoveMate to handle your used furniture delivery. It’s as easy as clicking a few buttons!