Why you should hire local moving companies

With so many moving companies out there, the process of picking the best one for your move can be overwhelming. Most moving companies fall under two categories: national or local.

April 14, 2023

With so many moving companies out there, the process of picking the best one for your move can be overwhelming. Most moving companies fall under two categories: national or local.

At MoveMate, we believe that there are certain advantages to choosing a local moving company over a national one. Here are a couple reasons why:

Better Customer Service

Local movers tend to be smaller than non-local companies which means they won’t be handling as many moves at the same time. This makes your move a top priority in their eyes. A lot of their customers are acquired through word of mouth recommendations since local moving companies may not have the budget for a lot of advertising. By using recommendations as their primary source of advertising, it makes the company more trustworthy and reliable. You know they’re not lying because these reviews are coming from real, satisfied customers.

Easier to Contact

To go along with the better customer service, local movers are also easier to contact. There’s no need to go through an answering machine because a real human picks up your call by the second ring. Any questions you may have are answered/solved promptly. Problems are also more likely to be addressed. Local moving companies want you to have the best moving experience, so if there is a problem or something they could have done better, they want to hear it from you!

Transparent Pricing

In general, local moving companies have lower operating costs than bigger national movers which means prices can be more affordable. While this is not always the case, you can count on local movers to provide you with a transparent quote. No hidden fees, no surprises. Instead of choosing a package deal or bundle (which can include more workers, trucks, or equipment than you need), local moving companies are more likely to have you only pay for what you need.

At MoveMate, we let you decide how many Mates you need and how long you’ll need them for. That way, you only pay for what you need. For an even more accurate quote, some companies offer an in-home estimate where the company sends someone to your home to determine exactly how much help and equipment you’ll need.

Know the Area

Finally, local moving companies are familiar with the area. They’ll know the fastest route to take, which streets are one way only (there’s a lot in Montreal!), and where you can and can’t park. If you’re paying an hourly rate, this knowledge can even help save you money! Local movers are also more likely to anticipate your needs because they’ve been working in the area for so long.

They know what many of the homes and businesses are like so they can come prepared. Montreal apartments, for example, generally have lots of stairs and no air conditioning. This knowledge is particularly crucial in the summer (one of the busiest times to move) because movers are at higher risk for heatstroke. If your movers know what they’re getting themselves into, they can prepare better by wearing lighter clothes and bringing a lot of water.

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