Every Move Is Unique-
Just Like Our Solutions

Whether you're an individual or a business, we have a solution that will make your move feel effortless.

Don't let moving break your back- or your spirit!

Here's how we can help you

Business and Retail

  • Furniture companies
  • Big Box Stores
  • Any other business that needs to move large items

Book your move

  • Residentail moves
  • Moving belongings into storage
  • One off deliveries (a piece of furniture)

Integrations and Monetization

  • Proptech platforms
  • E-commerce websites
  • Storage companies

The MoveMate Ecosystem

By partnering with moving experts from across the country, we're able to offer a wider range of services and greater flexibility in scheduling and logistics. Our proprietary MoveMate Platform connects you with the best third party contractors to service your specific needs and optimize delivery routes to ensure a smooth and efficient move.

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Efficient and Transparent
Moving Solutions

Route optimization technology
Access to movers from across the country
Providing the best customer service
Price Transparency
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Meet Your Mates!

We don't call them 'movers' because Mates will tailor their approach to your move. Our mates can transport your large items, assemble your furniture, pack your boxes and perform many more services! Our mates are carefully selected through an advanced recruitment process

Carefully selected through an advanced recruitment process.
Trained and equipped to provide you with high quality services.
Our Mates are industry experts with multiple years of experience


What Our Customers Say

Best moving service I’ve ever experience! The booking was fast and very responsive customer service. The movers are professional and nice. Definitely recommend

Truly the easiest and most efficient move I’ve ever had! So impressed with the service and the movers I had. They moved all of my stuff (roughly half an apartment!) within 3 hours! Would highly recommend for any move, and I will use them as well for any moves I have in the future.

The movers were very polite and professional, as is the person I have been communicating with in the office. She has responded by chat, email, and phone very quickly and is very nice. Excellent structure for booking, paying, etc., and they offered a great deal! Thanks!

My move mate was very professional yet personable. The process was quick and efficient. 10/10 would recommend MoveMate to anyone looking for a reliable service with a great customer support team.

MoveMate helped me with a recent move in Montreal and their professionalism and efficacy made the whole experience very enjoyable. Booking the move was very easy and their customer service team was very kind and incredibly helpful! Definitely recommend their services :)

Our Partners
Who Trust Us To Get The Job Done


Frequently Asked Questions

What type of business partners do you work with?

MoveMate works with a diverse array of partners across various industries, such as furniture stores, large-scale retailers for B2B partnerships, as well as real estate companies, proptech firms, and storage units for B2B2C partnerships.

Why is MoveMate different?

We are different because we are an asset light, proprietary tech solution that matches supply and demand to create value throughout the large item delivery and moving ecosystem. We offer a comprehensive, connected, and tech-driven solution developed specifically to match the supply and demand requirements. MoveMate is creating a truly modern solution to deliver customers’ most precious items in an integrated, trustworthy, and proficient way.

Can I change the details of my move after I have booked?

You can change the details of your move after booking by logging in to your account, and clicking on "previous moves".

What cities are you operating in?

MoveMate currently operates in 6+ major cities across Canada, including Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Quebec City, and Edmonton. For more information, check out this page.

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