How to stay organized during a move

April 14, 2023

Now that you’ve hired movers to help you move all your belongings to your new home, you might be wondering how to stay organized during your move. You know by hiring the best moving company that you’ll be in good hands when it comes to filling and unloading the moving truck. Here are the best tips for moving without stress:

Hire the best local movers to help you move apartments

First, find a mover

You might be tempted to do the move on your own, when in reality, moving will be the 3rd most stressful event of your life. Between the emotional stress of moving to a new city and the mental and physical fatigue caused by packing and transporting your things, we can easily find ourselves overworked. To make sure you move without any nasty surprises, we recommend you hire qualified, affordable movers. At MoveMate,  our intuitive platform gives you a real-time price estimate with no last minute surprises or transit fees. You’ll benefit from having the best local movers who have the moving trucks and equipment to move you things safely.

Declutter, then pack

Now that you’ve hired the best movers to get the job done, it’s time to get ready to move.

Packing boxes is also a good time to do a good old sort through your things which will allow you to declutter. Before you even begin to pack, list what you want to throw out, keep, sell, or donate, and do it right away. That will let you:

  • Save time while packing
  • Make a donation to a charitable organization that’s important to you
  • Avoid accumulating useless things in your new apartment or house

Declutter and pack your home before you move

Start packing before D-day

We tend to leave packing boxes for a move until the last minute. To be honest, it’s one of the main causes of stress. We rarely estimate the actual time it’ll take us to fully empty an apartment or house. So we recommend you start packing your things atleast 10 days before your move. Make sure you keep the essentials for your daily life available until D-day (tooth brush, phone charger, change of clothes…). Find the list of essentials by clicking here.

One room a day

It’s easy to start a bit of packing in each room every day. But that can quickly become very overwhelming and very messy. If you choose one room to pack each day, you’re sure to stay organized throughout your move.

We also recommend starting in the rooms you use the least, like the garage and the attic, and saving the rooms you use most for last, such as the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms.

If packing is just not your thing, did you know you can ask your movers to do it for you? Send a message in our chatbox and ask for our service “packing boxes”. We’ll respond in under a minute! Our movers can also deliver furniture bought on Kijiji, Facebook Marketplace, IKEA, or any second hand store.

Colour coordinate your boxes to keep things organized when packing for a move

Colour code your rooms and label your boxes

To make moving in easier and to simplify things for your movers, use multi-coloured packing labels and assign each room of your house a colour. On moving day, use coloured tape to mark the entrances to each room. This will save movers a ton of time because all they’ll have to do is match the colour of the box label to the colour of the room label.

Pack a moving day essentials bag

Before your moving day, write a list of all the essentials you might need on the big day. Toiletries, pajamas, an extra set of clothes… By packing a bag with all the essentials, you’ll be ready for whatever your moving day throws at you. For a detailed list of what to pack in your moving day essentials bag, click here.

Communicate with your moving company

If you have the chance to move with MoveMate, you’ll have access to a superb customer service team that will respond to all your questions and give you advice on how to have a smooth move. Then, sit back, relax, and leave your movers to do the heavy lifting for you. Get a free quote in under 2 minutes by clicking here.

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